What Happens in a Spanking Session?

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Have you always wanted to know what goes on behind the doors of a professional discipline session? Perhaps you have yet to book one and are seeking insight as to what to expect. Perhaps you have visited many Disciplinarians and you’re wondering what it might be like to visit me. Either way, this is where you will find the answers to your burning questions.

This, of course, only applies to my real time sessions. I am unable to pass comment on how other professionals run their sessions.

The Morning

On the morning of our session, I expect you will wake filled with trepidation. That is perfectly natural. Ideally, you will have given yourself the chance to get a decent sleep the previous night and will be well rested. It is unsurprising that your sleep may have been cut short by nerves and anxieties; if that is the case, drink plenty of water and take a cool shower to liven up your body and mind.

I expect a confirmation message – either via text or email – to reach me by the time given. This ensures me that you are still intending to attend and feel ready to play that day. Once that is sent, I suggest you go about your day as usual until the time comes to prepare yourself for the session. The last thing you need is to be so full of nerves after spending the whole day overthinking that you are unable to attend.

The Preparation

Very little is required from you in terms of physical preparation. I do require that you shower that day and present yourself to me in a clean and hygienic state, as is only polite. Pay close attention to your posterior, please. I very much enjoy bare bottomed, OTK spanking, though the enjoyment can be soured by overwhelming and unpleasant scents.

Your travel route to my private study should have been planned in advance. Upon receipt of your deposit, I provide you with the first part of the postcode to my chambers to enable you to plan your route. The street name and number are provided on the morning of your session, shortly after your confirmation text is received. Set out with plenty of time to make allowances for traffic disruptions and delays to your journey.

The Arrival

Try to arrive in the vague area of my chambers around 10-15 minutes earlier than your session is due to start. There is free street parking locally, but the time allowance will give you a chance to breathe without having to rush to my door. Sit quietly in your car and try to relax your mind and your muscles while you wait for our appointed time.

You are welcome to send a brief text or email to inform me of your arrival, should that appease your nerves, and I will confirm receipt. Please note that I will not permit you access to my chambers until the allocated time, however. I am a stickler for detail and have my own pre-session rituals which I relish in.

The Greeting

At your appointed time, you may knock on the door to my chambers. The area is residential and the building understated; the intimidation lies within! You will be greeted with an open door and my voice beckoning you inside from behind it. Rarely do I present myself in full session dress at the door. This is to ensure both of our privacy and maintain the security of my personal chambers.

Once inside the door, you will be greeted with a smile (unless, of course, we have a prior agreement that we will begin ‘in role’) and the offer of refreshment. Over a glass of water or cup of tea, we will have a brief, and informal, discussion about our session and any questions that may have raised since we last spoke. I will confirm your personal limits and marking preferences before proceeding.

The Build Up

Once our chat has concluded, I will give you a short time alone to ready yourself for what is to come. Usually, I will leave you with a very basic instruction to be stood in the middle of the room when I return. It is highly advisable you do as you’re told. Beginning on a poor foot is not going to earn you any favours.

Use this brief time to relax your mind again, and to get yourself into the correct headspace. If we are engaging in role play, start getting into your desired role and begin to ‘feel’ your character. You will not have long. Be ready for when I return.

The Session

When I step back into the study, my smile will have vanished. You will find me utterly impossible to shake from my role; once I am in my headspace, my determination and drive takes hold. You will get what’s coming to you. Even if we are planning to enjoy a light hearted session, I will assert myself over you a little initially. This is done for your safety. I am potentially intending to wield very heavy and dangerous implements above you shortly and I need you to do as instructed if I need to make any adjustments to positioning or intensity.

Whatever we have discussed in our initial emails will take place. I am not one for leaving out important details or forgetting to include things we have agreed. I will add, however, that if you are clearly struggling and need to take a break or stop, I will ensure that happens. You will never be pushed past your hard limits or punished at a level that you cannot handle or recover from easily.

Of course (and this has never happened yet), if you feel I am being far too generous and light on you, then you are welcome to ask that I go a little harder. I tend to be able to read with intuition precisely what my spankees need to take them to the place they want to be.

The After Care

As our session is drawing naturally to a close, I will begin to silently assess your marks (if present) to decide if they need specific care.  I have a full first aid kit in my study, which also includes creams to rub in to help stifle bruising. I am more than happy to rub in a gentle cream even if you don’t mind the marks, as it can be a wonderfully rewarding experience and very intimate moment between us.

As well as physical after care, I also want to ensure you feel emotionally and mentally stable after our session. I like to sit over another cup of tea and chat for a short while as you slowly come back down to earth. This is a very unhurried and important part of the session, and brings the experience to a close nicely.

The Following Days

Many of my spankees take the time to thank me, either via email or text message, after they have left my chambers. This is very much appreciated. A great deal of effort goes into your session experience and it is always good to feel this has been well received. You are naturally welcome to send me a more detailed email with your thoughts – or even a testimonial – and, provided we both enjoyed the session, you are welcome to request another.

Over the course of the next few days, you may feel a surge in unusual emotions. This is perfectly natural. You are very welcome to contact me with questions or concerns that may arise as a result of our shared experience. Very often, I can guide you to relevant information or provide solace. It is very likely I will be one of the only people in the world who knows what we shared together. Please don’t feel afraid to ask questions.

I hope that gives a little insight into what you might expect when booking a Spanking or Discipline session with me, and encourages you to face any initial fears you may have by making that first booking. I assure you you will be in the safest – if not the strictest – of hands.