Updates to My Application Procedure

by Jun 23, 2021Miss Kendal's Blog, Real Time Session News0 comments

Further to my recent blog, I have made some significant changes to my application process. You will now find a detailed application form on my Contact Page, which can be used to apply for a variety of my services.


Email Engagement

My email inbox is open to those I have an existing connection with. All new applications must be submitted through my form and completed in full. I receive many incomplete applications and single line emails, most of which find their way into my deleted folder without reply. I am also no longer prepared to enter into lengthy email trails to coax the relevant information from you to enable me to plan a smooth & enjoyable session. It is absolutely your responsibility to provide this to your Dominant or Disciplinarian, and it shows us you have a good degree of self awareness and self respect, and that you understand a session is going to be far more enjoyable if both parties put effort into the planning of it.

Application Forms

My new form will allow for the smooth flow of information in the first instance, and will avoid you having to remember everything you need to include in the initial application. The form will allow you to provide plenty of detail and write to me in your own style, using your own words. For those of you who struggle with writing freely, the prompts will give you a good idea of what information I require to consider your application. It is my hope that this will reduce the number of applications that are discarded; some of which may be very genuine people who are simply not confident with written communication. This form will enable you to communicate with me without the added pressure of a blank page staring back at you.


Both my email inbox and my application form are for business purposes only. I monitor them on set office days. I offer the option to chat with less formality on my AVN profile, using the messenger system therein.


For those seeking a regular or more long term relationship with me, I have reformed my application process a step further. You will now be invited to book a telephone or video consultation with me, prior to our initial meeting, to discuss the specifics of our potential relationship and build a rapport with one another. This will give you the opportunity to pose questions and connect with me directly; consider it a formal interview for each other, if you will.

If you prefer to play on the first meeting, you are welcome to apply for one of my Singular Session dates initially. I may still require a consultation with you, depending on our level of connection & discussion during session, if you wish to proceed to a more regular relationship.

I am in the process of creating a video with advice and guidance on how to prepare for you consultation, for those who are granted one. This will be available from early July, and I will begin to accept applications from new potential regular clients from Thursday 1st.

Please feel free to apply in advance to register your early interest, though please note my replies will be sent from 1st onwards.

I have limited space in my personal books & will reserve it for the most suitable applications only.