The Breakthrough

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The Breakthrough

I felt compelled to write today; the fresh December days are putting me in a pensive mood.

A genuine D/s connection is one of the most powerful things in the world, in my opinion. It’s almost inexplicable how it comes about, I find it changes with every person I play with. Some connections are instantaneous and you can find yourself incredibly drawn to a person from the first meeting. Perhaps there is something about them that puts you in the correct mindset, be it submissive or dominant.

For most, achieving that moment of pure D/s breakthrough takes time. It’s an exploration of the mind and, as with any relationship, absolute trust must be built between the two of you for it to succeed. I made a significant breakthrough with a very dear sub in yesterday’s session. Naturally I won’t reveal any personal details but the session, for me, will stand out as our D/s breakthrough point.

It’s pushed me even more to strive for that with everyone I play with. As a Domme, to stand over a sobbing, thankful sub who’s just on the edge of drifting off into subspace, is a blessing. Administering that final stroke that sends him there is indescribable.

You’re flying, riding the emotions together. You hold your sub and guide them through until they’re back to safety.

In the outside world, the two of you are perfect strangers. I know very little about the day to day lives of the people I play with, and vice versa. But in that scene, in that moment, you share a connection so intimate that it goes beyond the boundaries of language. Your bodies speak to each other from the inside out. You’re guided by sensations, driven by emotions, fuelled by desire. The day to day is so far from where the two of you are, everything else but that moment is irrelevant. It doesn’t exist.

Last week I wrote about not being ‘normal’ and that’s just it. In that moment, by sharing that experience together, you’ve broken through anything and everything we’ve come to accept as normal. You’ve stripped yourselves back to basic, authentic human connection in its purest form.

After that moment, nothing is the same again.