The Bathbrush at Bedtime

by Nov 11, 2021Miss Kendal's Clips0 comments

A brutal bath brush spanking just before bed…

You were put to bed over an hour ago, so what on earth are you doing sneaky around Aunt’s house now? 

 Naughty boys find themselves wriggling in pain if they’re not careful, and that’s exactly what happens to my nephew after I call him into my bedroom. Scolding him for his disobedience, I send him to fetch the dreaded bathbrush. 

Pulling him over my knee and tugging his pyjama bottoms down, I spank his bare bottom with the hard, wooden brush. He has only himself to blame for his painful predicament, the spanking turning his cheeks a sore shade of red instantly. 

His pleading and begging fall on deaf ears, I intend to instil some discipline in the sobbing, sorry wretch I have before me. Spanked over and over with the bath brush until I am satisfied he won’t disobey me again in such a hurry, my nephew is sent swiftly back to bed wiping the tears from his eyes as he leaves. 

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