Testimonial from TM

by Dec 30, 2016Testimonials

After my first session with Miss Kendal, I can thoroughly recommend giving this wonderful lady a try. You won’t want to go anywhere else anymore!
Her stunning beauty aside, not only does she have the most friendly personality you can imagine, but she also shows a genuine passion for what she does – and very importantly – for your deepest desires, too. She displays an uncanny ability to sense what you have in mind and while tailoring the session as per previously discussed ideas, she brings in her very own style.


This greatly improved the overall experience and quickly transformed, what was initially a session, into a real life experience and suddenly I didn’t feel like a character in roleplay anymore.

More importantly, it felt like we were bringing our fantasies to life and not just mine.


I can say without exaggerating that, after many years, I finally have found what I was looking for and I hope soon to return for another session with Miss Kendal – and hopefully many more to come.


For those looking for a really personal and fulfilling experience, this is it, look no further!