Testimonial from sub j

by Nov 22, 2016Testimonials

i was lucky enough to be granted the honor of a private session with Miss Kendal yesterday and to say that She has left an impression on me would be an understatement. Miss Kendal is pure class!. She posseses a wonderful, intuitive understanding of the D/s dynamic and is able to effortlessly deliver exactly what is required, so be warned, you will get exactly what You ask for!. Miss Kendal does not work from a dark dungeon with fancy equipment or elaborate costumes but does not need them…using creative bondage, accurate CP and Her wonderfully kinky imagination, Miss Kendal has everything She needs to deliver effective, no nonsense Femdom and discipline, i certainly can’t wait for my next visit and on that note, perhaps another warning….as well as being beautiful, Miss Kendal is very addictive…only one visit and i’m hooked already…
sub j