Testimonial from SB

by Oct 25, 2016Testimonials

“I just thought I would drop you a note following our meeting yesterday to confirm that I found the whole experience exceptional in every way and exceeded my expectations in every regard.

As a complete novice I was extremely nervous and unsure what to expect, but within minutes of the session starting you had created an electric atmosphere that had my nerve ends tingling with anticipation, excitement and dread all at the same time. Standing in the corner with my trousers around my ankles, hands on my head, looking down listening intently to your footsteps, your breath and your voice in a low calculated tone, trying to predict where you were and what was to come next was amazing and very well delivered.

You also introduced elements I had not expected, such as having to hold out my hand and receive 6 stinging strokes of the crop, counting each stroke and thanking you, which I particularly liked, and had not experienced when I was younger.

Throughout the session your tone was low and delivered in a calculated way leaving me in no doubt who was in charge, and I particularly thought the way you included questions and statements which were finely balanced between role play and reality, “you deserve what is happening to you don’t you?” & “what do you deserve?”, added to the experience, allowing me admit that I wanted to be punished.

The use of implements was considered and well delivered and although I am still somewhat sore, fulfilled my expectations and wishes and were delivered in a variety of ways which enhanced the experience.

The finale was also equally unexpected, after having to stand in the corner reflecting my position I was instructed to turn around and face you, still in the humiliating trousers around ankles and then lay in front of you and I kiss your feet and thank you for my deserved punishment. I am 56 years old and this is the first time I have been under such control as to lay down and kiss a woman’s feet whilst thanking her for punishing me, this process had a strange eroticism that I could never have imagined.

Once again thank you for a excellent experience which has opened up a whole new world of discovery for me, one which I want to continue to explore further, subject to you being willing to see me again, but perhaps not for a few weeks!”