Testimonial from RBR

by Jan 9, 2017Testimonials

I’m writing this over 48 hours after an intense session, slight bruising remains on my right hand side after a severe strapping whilst a warm ache -with no visible signs – remains in the centre of my buttocks after ‘Mummy’ gave me an angry, but controlled blistering with bath brush over her knee. Light welts from 12 strokes of the cane administered with increasing force  are now barely visible – Miss Kendal is a skilled practitioner who can inflict the required pain whilst avoiding lasting marks. I lie here yearning to return for more and submit to her again -hoping and fearing the next time she may truly break me

After 2 sessions  with Miss Kendal I’m hooked ! She’s a fantastic role player, whose angry Mummy is a delight, bringing out the frightened pleading naughty boy  in me and making me feel 10 again. I love being laid across her knee writhing at a bath brush blistering or later on in the session enjoying the soothing sensual warmth of a hard maternal hand spanking on a well beaten bottom as my ‘mummy’ she  gives me, as they used to say,  ‘a good hiding’

I love the role play but have also been drawn into just submitting myself to my mistress. My disobedience and deep seated resistance to truly fall under her power by testing her authority and trying psychologically to get the upper hand, is undermined by her skillful manipulation of my true weakness, so that just when I think I have done it, I suddenly find myself pathetically pleading for a strapping or feeling honoured to be allowed to caress and worship her feet.

Don’t let her stature fool you, this woman is small but VERY strict, she maybe petite, but she is VERY powerful.
The frightening and alluring truth is she is only beginning  to draw upon the deep wells of her desire to dominate. It is my pain and pleasure to have the privilege to be a small part in that journey into her true and yet to be fully expressed dazzling Domme.