Testimonial from MS

by Nov 24, 2016Testimonials

Today Miss Kendal, gave me the most amazing experience which will stay with me for a long time. All my life, I have had a caning fantasy that I have tried to live out through various dommes but none were willing to invest the time and effort needed to make it real for me. Miss Kendal intuitively understood what I wanted and made a real effort to get inside my head in the days before the session and also on the day. That made all the difference. She was utterly convincing in role and I have genuinely had a life long fantasy lived out today in the most amazing and erotic way. I feel elated.

She is super attractive, very sexy and operates from a nice normal house. I found the whole session bewitching, intense and hypnotic. At various stages I was physically shaking from the emotion of it. I am rather sore from the caning but that is what I wanted. It was, in every sense, a dream come true for me and I can not thank her enough. She is something very special indeed: beautiful, strict, caring and very lovely