Testimonial by Mark

by Dec 3, 2017Testimonials3 comments

I have recently had the privilege of my second session with Miss Kendal. This is by way of a follow up to the testimonial posted after the first.

Everything I wrote there applied again to this meeting; not least her exceptional role-playing skills. On our first meeting, however, we were inevitably feeling our way as we got to know one another’s preferences and as she tested my tolerance levels. None of that diminished the enjoyment I got from that session but I was both excited and nervous to know what lay in store when we met again.

As Miss Kendal had promised, I was expecting to be pushed further this time; but not, perhaps, as far as turned out to be the case. I think we were both pleasantly (if that’s the right word in my case) surprised at the levels we reached in what was only our second encounter. There were several points at which I desperately wanted it to end; and several moments when I thought it had, only to be ordered back into position for a further onslaught. By the end there was no doubt that I had been thoroughly punished and, yet, I wouldn’t have foregone a moment of it. Now, almost a week later, my bottom is still spectacularly bruised and otherwise marked.

My purpose in writing this postscript is not to extol the virtues of severity for its own sake, still less to trumpet my own fortitude. Rather, it is to celebrate Miss Kendal’s extraordinary ability to “read” me, to understand exactly what I needed and to deliver it in an always carefully controlled, but uncompromising, way. Even when I was really suffering, I always felt safe. These skills are precious and I’ve met only one other person who possesses them to the same degree.

Thank you Miss Kendal.