Testimonial from JB

by Jan 30, 2017Testimonials

I finally plucked up enough courage to arrange a session with Miss Kendal.  Emails were exchanged so that Miss Kendal had some prior knowledge of my likes and dislikes and I duly made my appointment.  My mind was swirling in anticipation as I approached Miss Kendal’s door in a quiet part of the town.  She welcomed me and quickly made me feel at home and her broad smile became infectious.  I handed over my homework to be marked and much to my dismay she found 69 errors all of which were to be ‘rewarded’ with a stroke of the paddle or cane.

She delivered the punishment with skill, increasing the severity and therefore the pain as she progressed until all 69 stokes were duly received.  I had the pleasure of watching Miss Kendal through a mirror as she wielded the cane and paddle and it was obvious that she thoroughly enjoyed inflicting as much pain as possible.  The broad grin as each stroke found its mark was testament to how much she relished the task in hand.

It was a great privilege and gave me much pleasure to be so deservedly punished by such a beautiful and vivacious Lady, one that I intend to visit as often as I can.  She has acquired great skill and accuracy in delivering strokes of the cane which is unusual in such a young Disciplinarian.