Testimonial from EastRider

by Mar 18, 2017Testimonials

I have had the privilege in the last 30 years  of visiting throughout many Mistresses  to receive training, play, or punishment as part of my perceived needs.  These mistresses have on the whole offered high standards of skill and technique as well as professionalism in the pursuit of their career.  But I have at last met the ultimate who combines a friendly and warm  approach as she discusses your requirements from the session before she becomes the ultimate punisher, delivering the strokes of the cane, crop, tawse, belt or paddle as merited.  There is little or no pause between moving from one implement to another apart from that necessary to create the stress and tension that the victim creates in their own mind.  I was to receive a harsh caning, with the whippy cane, the number of strokes increased as I failed to meet certain standards set by Miss Kendal in our pre-session discussion.  The strokes were delivered  fast and hard and to a fairly brisk tempo.  Miss Kendal made sure that I was unable to predict the strike rate which alternated from slow and measured to rapid succession. She produced a series of horizontal stripes across each buttock as well as being able to land several strokes on the same small spot.

 After a brief pause, I believe to allow herself to recover from the strains of delivering a fairly harsh punishment I then suffered an over the knee thrashing par excellence.  I was stretched over Miss Kendal’s knees and thighs to receive what she called a good dressing down,  i counted at least 350 and I was almost begging her to stop towards the end of the thrashing.  The pleasure of being over Miss Kendal’s knees as short lived as this was the spanking to top all other spankings.

In the after session discussion, as i thanked Miss Kendal for the excitement, pleasure and pain generated in her session I was almost begging her to allow me to visit her again.

I will be making regular visits to Miss Kendal’s friendly premises, in the expectation that she will be able to deliver high standards on a regular basis.  If you are a serious lover of traditional discipline then I recommend most strongly that you consider a visit to Miss Kendal.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.