Testimonial by TT

by May 28, 2019Testimonials0 comments

I only explore my schoolroom kink on a very occasional basis, and this was my first session for two years. When I do indulge, I take great care to ensure that I place myself in the hands of only the very best and most well-established specialists in this kind of play. This really was a truly fabulous experience to add to the half-dozen sessions I have had with other ladies previously, and never before have I had quite such a feeling that no mercy would be shown – I was going to get exactly what I had coming to me, and what I had asked for – and nothing less. It was brilliant.

Miss Kendal was the very epitome of the beautiful, ultra-strict, disciplinarian headmistress dealing with her head boy’s shortcomings in an icy and uncompromising manner. Having requested that the session begin with a cold caning, I was reminded from the very first stroke of the old adage about being careful what you wish for! I was absolutely gasping!

I had asked her to push me, and she certainly did; every cane stroke I received in the session – 36 in total, I think – was laid on hard – for me, at any rate. So there I was, bent over Miss Kendal’s desk, being utterly thrashed as I had requested, and without any sense whatsoever that she was in any mood to go easy on me even when I was starting to hope she would. All of which, of course, is exactly as it should have been within the role-play, and I thank Miss Kendal for her skill and judgement – leaving me in a perfect balance of desperately wanting it to end and desperately wanting it to continue! A day later, my bottom was a very impressive hue of deep purple..

In summary….the whole experience was absolutely incredible, and Miss Kendal’s hospitality and approachability out of session was the icing on the cake, and really enhanced the whole experience. Thank you so much!