Testimonial by Sub Steve

by Apr 5, 2017Testimonials

Throughout my life I have made some bad decisions and some very good ones. Last week I made one of the best ever. After visiting various ladies throughout the last 18 months or so I decided to arrange a session with Miss Kendal. I read her interview on the website ‘Someone’s Gonna Get It’. I clicked on the link to her own website and after reading though it and looking at the various photos I emailed her to arrange a session.


She was to play my Auntie and a scenario was decided on. She was aware I had taken pictures on my phone of her getting dressed  and put some particularly foul mouthed descriptions on them. We decided that we go straight into role play as soon as she opened the door.  I arrived and knocked at the door very nervous as to how I would be greeted. The door opened and all I heard was “IN”  I was then dragged up the stairs by my ear.


She looked absolutely fantastic. As she was giving me a dressing down I was drinking in her sheer beauty. She had worn a short skirt and heels. I find ladies in short skirts exude power and confidence of which Miss Kendal has in bucket loads. I am a quite a big guy at 6’3″ and within minutes I was kneeling completely naked in front of her with my hands on my head trembling in front of this gorgeous 5’2″ lady. She does not shout and scream at you. She speaks softly to you but in a way that instils fear as to what’s coming. I was drawn in my her eyes and you can’t help but submit. She put me across her knee and delivered a and spanking like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The slow build up before her she beat a crescendo on my bottom and all down my thighs that stung like the blazes. I could not believe the power of her hand.


Eventually she stopped and put me in the corner and left the room to get a hairbrush as I stood with bottom and thighs throbbing. When she came back I was told to bend over the end of the sofa. This leaves your bottom stuck right up in the air and feeling very vulnerable. The hairbrush was placed in front of me and I was told it would be used in a moment but there was the matter of the foul language to deal with. She knelt down and I had a bar of soap put in my mouth and then rubbed on my tongue. The hairbrush was picked up and another spanking commenced. The hairbrush wasn’t too bad but then she threatened to get her bath brush. A cold shiver went down my back. She threw the hairbrush down in frustration saying” But I want to make you really, really sorry and this just isn’t doing it. You’re not even crying yet. Get in that corner and think about what’s coming, because it is coming”  Her word play is just fabulous. Every word is delivered with soft, cool, calm venom.


After about 5 minutes she returned with the bath brush. My heart sank. I was back on the floor sitting on my sore bottom in front of her as she sat on the sofa whilst slowly tapping her bath brush. The air was electric as she stared at me with those wonderful eyes with a look that said I’m really going to hurt you. I told her how sorry I was for everything and I deserved what was coming. What she did then was mesmerising. She gave me the bath brush and made me ask her to punish me. I did just that. She then asked me how and before I knew it I was asking for the spanking. She made me repeat it 3 or 4 times and I was soon back over the arm of the sofa and having my wish granted. Miss Kendal proceeded to weave a tapestry of pure unadulterated pain across my already sore bottom. She spanked fast, then slow but always hard. She stopped momentarily to give herself a break. I could hear her breathing deeply and then she said “You’ve got another 5 minutes of this”  and she continued as before. I almost shouted out for mercy but she stopped. She had promised to ‘seal the deal’ with her hand after and that’s just what happened. I was subjected to another hand spanking across her left knee and it was all over. We then hugged each other and it was a wonderful moment and it was truly sincere. I could have stayed in her arms all afternoon but I had to let go.


After a very careful application of some cold cream to my ravaged bottom it was cup of tea time and a lovely chat. I felt we clicked and she certainly pushed all my buttons. Out of role play Miss Kendal is a delightful, lovely, warm and friendly lady. I was nice to chat about our favourite subject. I was delighted when she told me she would have no problem seeing me again.


So if you are looking for some discipline in a domestic scene then look no further. She is stunningly beautiful. The photos do not do her justice believe me. She is amazing in role play and she can deliver a hand spanking like no other. I really am struggling to praise her enough.  I am hooked and I will be back pretty soon.