Testimonial by Sub Steve

by Jul 10, 2017Testimonials

A note from Sub Steve following a severe punishment session, very different to our usual role play sessions. We reserve the right to keep the reasoning for the punishment confidential.
(Miss Kendal)


Thank you so so much for this morning. I can’t tell you what a different it has made to me. You dealt with me exactly right. It was very difficult for me to sit there and confess to what I had done. It was even more difficult to stand there stripped in front of you as you looked at me with distain and then to kneel on the floor with you standing just inches away in front of me. Kneeling with my face in the sofa was especially difficult. I was very much out of my comfort zone. You made me feel like a retched self pitying weakling which I very much deserved.
Restrained over the bench I knew it was going to be tough. It wasn’t tough, it was sheer hell. It was a real punishment for a real reason so there was no warm up. The ‘Naughty Stick’ looks so innocent but it really hurts. An extra two for not keeping my eyes closed. I only blinked, but I paid.
Applying water to the backs of legs so it stung more when you spanked them, and spanked them you did but cruelly one at a time. Intense pain building up and up. I struggled and yelped as I failed miserably to deal with the pain whilst pulling at my restraints, and so to the other leg.
The thick wooden bath brush shaped paddle was next. This was the hardest of all. Indescribable pain and you spanked at one tempo which seemed never ending and then faster and then back to slow steady strokes. I could do nothing but lie there. It was obvious you were not going to ease up, and why should you? In the end I broke down in tears and sobbed through pain and remorse. You stopped to comfort me but told me you were going to give me eight hard more smacks on each leg and then it’s done. I remember pleading but you went ahead. 
It was all over and, when released, I stood I think with tears rolling down my face. I had paid my price.
You sat on the floor with open arms and invited me over.  I slumped on the floor next to you and just fell into your arms and we hugged. That was the most powerful moment I think I’ve ever had with you.  You had warned me you were really going to put me through it and, you were merciless, cruel, sadistic and calculated. But you didn’t do anything that wasn’t necessary or not deserved. I wanted it to happen and I needed it to happen, but now suddenly, you were my warm and beautiful friend again and everything was over. This only left the invitation to put myself over your knee, my fireball of a bottom at your mercy only this time for the lovely ‘warm down’ very gentle spanking that makes me feel so good. After which the cold cream which you apply so lovingly and carefully.
I just feel wonderful now and free of the guilt that had been lodged inside me for all that time. I feel privileged that you took on the task and I am so grateful.