Testimonial by sub Steve

by May 11, 2017Testimonials

A sequel to a good film, the difficult second album or the follow up to a good book.  Generally they never live up to the first, however, this can definitely not be said about my second visit to the delightful Miss Kendal.  In truth I had already decided after about 5 minutes into my first visit that I was going to return if invited.  She kindly told me that she’d be happy for me to come again.  I booked nearly 3 weeks in advance.  They were 3 very long weeks.  I was counting off the days and then at last the day arrived.


Miss Kendal was wearing the dress she is wearing on her twitter profile picture. The picture doesn’t do her justice.  She looked stunning.  The dress shows off her wonderful legs to perfection.  So it was straight upstairs and into her playroom.  I was asked to sit on the floor.  She sat on the sofa teasingly crossing her legs.  Apparently the pictures that I had taken of my aunt whilst getting changed (see first testimonial) were still on my phone. I had promised her I would delete them but I then confessed I deliberately left them on there.  Big mistake!  She walked out the room saying she going to fetch something.  When she returned she was holding a thick leather tawse and placed in on the floor and invited me to pick it up to see how thick and heavy it was.  I was told that it would be applied hard across my bottom but not until near the end when my bottom would already be very sore.

But first my auntie would lecture me about respecting women and how they only dress for their own pleasure and not for the sake of men.  She was walking around me all the while.  I was ashamed and had my head down watching those delightful black high heels encircling me.  Suddenly she stopped and was stood right in front of me about a foot away and she made me look up at her face asking if I know what happens when a lady catches a man ogling them.  I said I didn’t.  She invited me to take a closer look at her legs which I did and then WHAM.  She gave me a tremendous smack across my face followed quickly by another one.  I couldn’t believe how it stung.  I earned a third and she dared me to look again.  I declined holding my throbbing cheek looking away just wanting the sting to die down.  I didn’t want a fourth.


Corner time next whilst she went to collect some implements and a wooden chair.  I was called out and told to remove my trousers, shoes and socks.  I was dragged to her mirror to look at myself standing next to her.  ” There, now you’re showing more of your legs than me”.  Then she sat on the chair and told to lay across her knees.  She spanked me with her hand.  I had my pants on but it still hurt.  She turned her attention to the backs of my thighs and worked her way up and down each leg for what seemed an eternity.  I was told to stand and she pulled down my pants to my ankles and then it was back across her knee for another tremendous spanking on my now bare bottom and yet more attention to my thighs.  Miss Kendal has small hands but you would never know.  The power her right hand can unleash is breath-taking.  I have never met anyone who can spank as hard as she can.  When I was eventually allowed up my hands flew to my scorched rear but she barked “no rubbing and back in the corner”.  That would have been a punishment in itself but worse was to follow.


I was asked to bend over the arm of the sofa which makes your bottom very nicely placed for her attention.  She knelt beside and placed 4 implements on the floor beside me.  She then asked to place in order how painful I think each was with number 1 being the most painful.   The order was thus 1. Bath brush 2. Slipper 3. Wooden spatula & 4. Butter paddle.  Next Miss Kendal showed herself to be the sadistic genius that she is.   She said ” I’m going to hand spank the backs of your thighs and I will carry on until you literally cannot bear another smack.  I will stop and pick up the bath brush and spank your bottom until again you cannot bear anymore.  I will then with go back to hand spanking your thighs and so on working through each implement”  So she started.


My thighs were already very sore and isn’t that long before I begged her to stop.  The bath brush was picked up and the spanking on my bottom began.  The bath brush is a seriously painful implement, especially in Miss Kendal’s hand.  I’ll admit I cried out in pain as the deep burn began to become unbearable.  My heart sank as I knew my thighs were next again and still stinging furiously from before.  I couldn’t take very much and so the slipper started.  I couldn’t believe the power she put into that slipper.  I shouted stop.  I was beside myself now because once again it was back to my thighs.  What a cruel process this was.  I will admit I was nearly broken.


More searing pain to my poor thighs.  I barely had the energy to shout stop but managed it.  The wooden spatula was a welcome relief as I could barely feel it.  Miss Kendal stopped anyway as it broke!  Oh no, thighs again.  I was on the point of tears and the realisation.  She knelt beside me and softly caressed my back saying ” you don’t want this I know” I nodded.  I could barely speak.  She stood up again and pushed down in the small of my back and delivered the hardest volley yet on my burning thighs.  It felt like she was pressing a red hot iron onto each thigh.


She stopped I think without me indicating and the butter paddle was used but there was one last punishment.  The tawse.  She knelt beside me again and said I had taken my punishment like a man so she would administer just three strokes.  It was then I discovered the softer, caring side to my punisher.  She kicked of her shoes, picked up the tawse and got into position.  I prepared myself and just my head in my hands and waited for the first.  It wasn’t too bad.  The second was worse as it wrapped over by sore bottom with a kiss of fire.  I heard a yell.  It was me.  The third sealed it. It was over.


I just slumped, broken and pitiful.  I managed to get up and sit next to her and she held out her arms.  I just fell into them and put my head on her shoulder and hugged her like my life depended on it.  She hugged me back.  I had taken in her words ” A very severe beating”  It was such an intense moment.  Letting her go was a problem but I had to.


She looked at me and gave me a choice of ten minutes in the corner or a soft spanking over one knee on the sofa.  I took the soft spanking and it was exactly that.  It was a loving spanking with lots of caressing of my poor ravaged bottom and thighs.  She was so gentle I felt all relaxed, warm and safe.  After, I laid on the floor and she gently applied cream to my bottom and legs.  The after care is second to none.  Then it was tea and biscuits and a lovely chat.  It’s hard to believe that this gorgeous, warm wonderful figure of lady with a great sense of humour can be a cruel, sadistic, unforgiving figure of immense power.  Beauty and pain all wrapped in one. Addicted?..you bet!


There will be a third time. I promise you that.