Testimonial by SB

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I first met Miss Kendal in the early autumn of 2016, when i was a wide eyed and inexperienced 56 year old adult schoolboy fixated about not being labelled a submissive or masochist. I was dipping my toe into the world of CP, and the fiery red haired, ice cold blue eyed Miss Kendal had beckoned me from the screen of my laptop.

Over a period of just over two years Miss Kendal took this wide eyed and inexperienced adult schoolboy on the most incredible journey imaginable and moulded and tutored me into a masochistic submissive who loves nothing more than to be secured naked to a spanking bench and severely beaten with a range of implements, and to show my gratitude at Miss Kendals feet. This now 58 year old submissive was as far away from the adult schoolboy as could be imagined, but this journey had also roused within me an interest in other BDSM activities, which through sheer stupidity and shame i was afraid to bring to Miss Kendals attention.

Instead i let my inner most thoughts fester and these interests grew into fantasies, and the more intense they became the more fearful i became of sharing them. Miss Kendal had not encouraged or deserved these disrespectful thoughts, and in the end i took steps to live out these desires outside of Miss Kendals guidance, and in such a deceitful way as to hurt and offend all those involved. This period of my journey became the most unhappy and i was fearful i had lost everything i had held dear, but after some period of contemplation Miss Kendal decided to give me a second chance.

This second chance began with a well deserved judicial caning, a caning so severe and so painful i was unable to commence the next phase of my journey under Miss Kendals tutelage for almost 2 months. I was on the spanking bench and each stroke of the cane was delivered with force and the pain was unbearable and even as a masochist i desperately wanted it to stop, but i knew i must continue or lose Miss Kendal forever.

My first steps from CP into BDSM began in March 2019. I am always nervous when I attend an appointment with Miss Kendal, a mix of fear and thrill which has always been a massive draw to me, but this time i was simply terrified, i had no idea what to expect, i was scared at the prospect of what was about to happen to me, and also the fear that it would not live up to my fantasies and that all the hurt and damage i had caused getting here would have been for nothing.

My fears were unfounded, Miss Kendal made that first four hour session one of the most incredible experiences ever, i was treated to a variety of BDSM activities which were degrading and humiliating, painful and sensual, scary and thrilling. I was abused mentally and physically, and subjected to things i had only ever dreamed of, but i was filled with joy and happiness that Miss Kendal smiled and laughed throughout at my predicament.

Miss Kendal is an amazing Domme, and i strive to be a worthy sub, it is an honour and a privilege to kneel before her and show my devotion to her. I know i am the luckiest sub in the world, to serve Miss Kendal and have been given a second chance to do so, i very nearly lost so much! The second phase of my journey has begun and i cannot wait for it to continue!

Thank you Miss Kendal!