Testimonial by SB

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It’s not the room its the person.


On Tuesday i had an appointment with Miss Kendal at her new premises, and it is fair to say that i was far more nervous than i have been since i first met her many months ago.

This was not because of what i was about to be subjected to, i had a good idea about what that would be, and knew it would be painful and leave me wearing evidence of my visit for some days ahead, but that is exactly why i visit Miss Kendal. It was all about the ‘Room’! The room was Miss Kendal’s play space at her former premises. The room was a plainly decorated sparsely furnished, 12’x12’ room with a plain carpet, two doors, and a window , fairly innocuous as rooms go, but it was the room where i discovered myself, and where on a regular basis i had been transported to the most incredible place in the world, in an earlier testimonial I referred to it as my Narnia!

I had known for some months of Miss Kendal’s impending move and i had battled with the fear that without the room I wouldn’t achieve subspace and that special place would be lost, the dynamics changed, and my new found life lost or at least altered in some detrimental way. Our last session in the old play space had been one of the most intense and incredible we had experienced, and i had convinced myself the room didn’t matter, but when i awoke Tuesday morning the doubt was there again, it had returned to haunt me, my newly found life was hanging over a precipice!

I sent my confirmation text first thing as i always do, and received the polite and succinct response as usual. Unusually for me the session was not until early evening, i normally like to session in the morning, so i had all day to wait. I went about my business the best i could but always in my mind was my fear that the new space would not be quite right. Eventually it was time for me to prepare and set off, i showered and set off West, the new post code in my sat nav, it was one of the longest journeys of my life, even though it was actually 10 minutes quicker than my previous journey. I drove down the street and looked over the new address, it seemed ok, nothing really to strike fear into my soul, but still it was there, my stomach was churning, it hadn’t done that at a visit to Miss Kendal’s for a long time. At exactly the prescribed time i walked up to the front door and rang the bell, i felt like a little school boy on his first visit to the head teacher, i felt small and vulnerable, uncertain and scared! The door opened and Miss Kendal greeted me with a pleasant smile and showed me straight upstairs, we chatted briefly but i suspect Miss Kendal realised i was not as comfortable as i had become and we agreed she would leave and let me prepare by disrobing and taking a few minutes to get the feeling of the new surroundings. Miss Kendal seems to have this knack of reading me like a book and clearly knew i was unusually nervous!

I stood in the centre of the room, naked, vulnerable, with my hands on my head. I closed my eyes, my stomach churned again, i was scared, but only from a fear that i had lost something special. I opened my eyes and took in the room, it was a plainly decorated sparsely furnished, 12’x12’ room with a plain carpet, two doors, and a window , fairly innocuous as rooms go! Seems familiar, I actually felt a smile trying to rise, i heard movement outside, the door opened and Miss Kendal entered, an air of strength and power, i fought back my smile, i was becoming less scared and ever more comfortable, even though i knew i was about to be subjected to something extremely painful and uncomfortable, i could sense things hadn’t changed and it was going to be good!

Miss Kendal paced around the room, talking slowly, softly and clearly, telling me what she was going to do to me, and how i was going to behave, and that if i was a good boy and took my beating well my reward would be 12 strokes from her senior cane. I was almost in heaven and Miss Kendal hadn’t even raised a finger to me!

The session proved yet again to be one of the most incredible yet, i am always constantly amazed that Miss Kendal is able to raise the bar each time, and introduce my to new implements and new techniques, always adding variety and excitement to the session. How many different ways can there be to hit someone? An infinite number it seems! The session started with a hand spanking over Miss Kendal’s knee, where i was also introduced to her new silicone spatula, i was then ordered over the back of the chair for more of the same, i was already starting to feel pushed, and yet knew there was much more to come. I was then sent to the corner for a period of reflection, then it was over the horse for the slipper and leather paddle. This time i was given one hard stroke and then had to count slowly to ten after which i would be subjected to a full force flurry of indeterminate strokes, only for the same thing to be repeated again and again. My first few one to tens were slow and deliberately so as i prepared myself for the upcoming volley, but i was soon well on my way to subspace and my counting quickened as i craved the next painful beating, i needed release and with each beating i was nearer and nearer. The need to count stopped and Miss Kendal just starting beating me with all of her force, it was simply amazing i was now completely oblivious to my surroundings and i was in euphoria, it was truly brilliant, every stroke of the paddle was relished and enjoyed, i wanted more, and was pleading for it to continue. Miss Kendal happily obliged.

Eventually it stopped, i came back to the ‘Room’ and new room but non the less the ‘Room’, i had obviously been a good boy as Miss Kendal told me i had earned my reward of 12 strokes of her Senior cane, in fact i must have been a very good boy as Miss Kendal rewarded me with 24 strokes! I was back in subspace, my Narnia, almost immediately!

My fears had all been unfounded i can honestly say “its not the room its the person” and for me that person is without doubt Miss Kendal!

I cannot say it enough but a massive Thank You Miss Kendal for helping me find myself and the real me!