Testimonial by sarah

by Apr 16, 2017Testimonials

It was through reading Miss Kendal’s blog page,reading through her website I decided to contact Miss Kendal. I introduced myself giving information about myself, past experience and the sort of role play I liked.  After a couple of emails we agreed on a date & time.


I was to report to the heads study to answer various allegations made against me. Of course I denied these allegations but was soon having my mind changed


I was informed of the following:

6 tawse on my hand for smoking. Let me tell you my hand was smoking after that! There was more to come…

A sound otk spanking for attitude… I enjoyed being put over your pleated skirt for this ma’am. Corner time to think about what I was being punished for. I was then instructed to bend over the vaulting horse. I knew what was coming. I am going to give you 12 of the best for truancy, senior cane. You will also receive 12 of the best with the heavy tawse for not completing homework..


Yes, by the end I was crying.


Miss Kendal is a very strict but caring lady.

The cuddle at the end was truly needed.


Thank you Headmistress..😉