Testimonial by Sarah

by Jun 19, 2018Testimonials0 comments

For quite a while now I have been trying to build the courage up to take my very first judicial caning.

In fact this was my second time at arranging such session.The first time I pulled out at the last minute.
I had no idea what sort of reception I would receive as I had not been in this situation before.
Miss Kendal shown me to the punishment room.no pre session chat this time.no smiles in fact I had never had such a reception.But this was all part of the scenario..
Miss instructed me to undress to my comfort zone and to assume the position,On her return I was informed why I was to receive the punishment .
Which would consist of X amount of strokes that the punishment will be only completed when final stroke was administered.
I have to say at this point I was nervous but felt 100% safe throughout.i would not have arranged this with anyone else I trust miss KendalĀ  she has vast experience I knew she would monitor my reactions at all times .
We both had a awsesome time.im so happy not just for myself but for miss as well.for agreeing to carry out something that I have only ever dreamed about.
Thankyou Ma’am from the bottom of my heart…