Testimonial by Sarah

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Having received a summons to report to the heads study today, I did so with great anticipation wondering what I had done wrong. Maybe to be rewarded for good behaviour?!

Upon arrival I was shown into the lounge where we chatted over a coffee.
I was then instructed to change into my uniform & wait in the corridor to be called into classroom.

Upon entering I was greeted by Miss Kendal sitting behind her desk, requesting my homework. 500 lines.
Being confident everything was perfect, I handed them over.
Miss Kendal marked said lines with the odd ‘tut’ or sigh.

14 mistakes Sarah. Not good enough. I started to break at this point. Miss walking along the room swishing her cane in the air.
By this time I was shaking with nerves knowing what was to happen next.
Wait in the head’s study Sarah. Where a uniform inspection was carried out by Miss Kendal.


That was it, assume the position Sarah, 50 strokes cold caning to be administered.

Final 10 with the judicial cane after which I broke down sobbing.

Then came the gentle side of Miss Kendal, soothing aftercare and encouragement to fully recover..

Thank you Miss for yet another wonderful experience. You are an exceptional Disciplinarian & lady who cares about her clients..