Testimonial by sarah

by Jun 17, 2017Testimonials

After receiving a summons, instructing me to report to Miss Kendal’s study on the 17th June, @ 11am prompt.


I did so with some anticipation. Wondering why I had to go.

Waiting in the corridor. Sweaty palms, nervous twitches.



It was soon bought to my attention Ma’am was not impressed, after a long discussion explaining my work was unacceptable.

I was instructed to bend over the Head’s desk noticing her tawse was lying on the desk top. I pleaded with Miss Kendal not to tawse me. At this point a plimsoll was put in front of me.

12 sarah across your skirt.


After which I was issued with yet more homework.

Following a uniform inspection, it was off to Miss Kendal’s private study. ANYONE who has visited will know what this means.

Assume the position sarah, no set number. I will stop when I am satisfied you have learnt your lesson.


I was then thrashed. Senior dragon, junior canes, heavy 2 tail tawse. In excess of 100 strokes before I finally broke. Crying floods of tears. Caning continued. I had stopped counting by this time..

It was then ma’am decided to stop.


Aftercare began. So soothing after having such a thrashing.

Ma’am I would like to Thank you for an exceptional session. Not only are you very strict, but also very caring towards your subs..

As those who have sessioned with you know too well..SARAH…