Testimonial by Sam

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Disciplinarian who is a Shakespeare aficionado


I had the pleasure of seeing Miss Kendal for the first time this month. I had been attracted because of her very well presented website (it is even better now!) and articulate writing. Her email responses were friendly and I was fairly confident that it would be a great session. And indeed it was, we played some after school detention scenes and Miss K changed from her friendly self into someone who you definitely did not want to cross. It was subtle, nothing over the top but she had the quiet air of authority. We had agreed, given that it was my first visit with her and my generally moderate limits that we would keep it at a moderate level and it was exactly as anticipated, the sharp sting of the cane making me jump and leaving a pleasant glow till the next day. Of course, Miss K can go much harder-once while I was over her knee I was a bit cheeky and was rewarded with a volley of much harder spanks!


Afterwards we discussed the session and it felt just right. I had a very busy day and was looking to de-stress rather than pushing my limits. Miss K understood that and kept it at just the right level. And this is what to me is the hallmark of a good disciplinarian. Of course there will be days when I would want to be pushed but to understand that all sessions are not about pushing limits makes her fall in that class of disciplinarians who know that each session (even with the same person) is unique. We discussed more than the session though, our mutual love of Shakespeare came up and it was wonderful to be able to discuss Othello with a warm glowing bottom. A wonderful end to a busy day.