Testimonial by S

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Over the last few months I shared a few emails with Miss Kendal and decided I would like Miss Kendal to be the one to give me my first introduction to CP. I had always had an interest in CP as I had seen my friends punished as children but I had never been punished myself, even though at times I should of been.

The day arrived and I was nervous but excited. Miss Kendal opened the door and I was immediately put at ease, we had a drink and a good chat about what interested me, and we shared a few laughs. I explained how I wanted to stop swearing. She then led me to the domestic room, it was at this point Miss Kendal became serious, after a lecture I was put across Miss Kendal’s knee for a hand spanking which I admit stung. A spoon had been placed by the chair ” it’s only a spoon I thought”. Was I wrong! At one point I tried to put my hand in the way but that just got me a harder spanking.

I then had to stand in the corner before been put over the sofa for a good slippering. I was told to stand up – I thought it was over and I would never swear again, however I was then told to follow Miss Kendal as I was going to have 6 of the cane over the desk. She chose a whippy cane – it stung like mad, especially when the last 3 came in quicker succession.

Afterwards we had a chat a drink and a few more laughs.

My Time with Miss Kendal was a real pleasure, and she far exceeded any expectations. I left feeling great and strangely happier than I had been in a long time. 3 days have now passed and I have stopped stinging, however I now find myself looking forward to my next visit, and I have not swore since. I have been warned if I do I will be punished.  Thank you Miss Kendal for a perfect introduction to CP however a stingy one, and for anyone who is thinking of Visiting Miss Kendal you will not be disappointed.