Testimonial by Roger

by Nov 22, 2017Testimonials1 comment

To paraphrase William Wordsworth: “The long-term effect of spanking comes from the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from punishment recollected in tranquillity.”


A few weeks ago I was privileged to have my first session with Miss Kendal, and the memory and emotional high are still with me, and are regularly recollected. I was excited when Miss Kendal first announced herself on the scene, as real intelligent female disciplinarians are rare and precious. For geographical reasons, it took a while for us to get together, but I can honestly say that the experience exceeded my already high expectations. Miss Kendal’s beauty and intelligence are apparent to all from her website. However, nothing can prepare you for the amazing, quiet but absolute dominance she establishes immediately. Her lovely eyes looked me up and down as I stood in front of her, hands on head, legs trembling. She is the mistress of building anticipation and then delivering punishment that leaves you momentarily gasping but then needing more – but you only get more when Miss Kendal is ready to deliver it.  When the order came to go over her knees, I obeyed gladly, and the rest is a story of the pleasure of pain.  The recollections are pure pleasure. If you need female discipline, go and see her. You may have a hard time under the cane and paddle, but you will have wonderful memories.