Testimonial by RL

by Jul 10, 2017Testimonials

A Hot Afternoon in July.

After a short exchange of emails I found myself in the company of Miss Kendal making small talk when suddenly I heard the words,

“Are you ready, shall we go upstairs now ?”


I followed her up the stairs aware that I was about to experience something special. I found myself standing before a seated Miss Kendal and was told to drop my trousers and bend over her knees. I was soon receiving a spanking on my bare bottom, which quickly resulted in a stinging bottom, I realised that I was in the presence of someone who not only was well able to deliver a hard spanking, but enjoyed spanking hard too !


All too soon I was told to stand up and bend over the arm of the settee and Miss Kendal told me that I was going to be strapped and that she would see which of her straps had the most effect on me ! She used a couple of belts on my stinging bottom and then showed me an ominously powerful looking strap, informing me that this one really stung. I gulped and prepared myself. Miss Kendal stood behind me and strapped me with medium strokes and followed up with some hard strokes. I was really starting to feel the sting of these when she showed me a long heavy looking strap ! This I knew would test me, but I managed to take it with some whimpers and moans.


What now I wondered ? I was told to stand up and bend over her bench as she was going to cane me with some of her canes ! My mind by now was all over the place, and I steeled myself for what was to come.


Miss Kendal selected a Junior Cane and was tapping my bottom with this when suddenly I felt several strokes sear across my bottom cheeks, then several more. I took some deep breaths then a slightly thicker Junior Cane was swishing into my bottom, I was now really feeling the strokes, but relishing them all the same and I knew I wanted more from her canes.


Now Miss Kendal showed me a Senior Cane ! This looked ominous and I just knew that I was going to really feel this one and yet I wanted to feel its impact and the sting . I felt Miss Kendal tapping my by now sore cheeks with the cane, but seemingly waiting for something else. I was getting desperate and said’


“Please cane me” !


I heard a low chuckle and was made to repeat the phrase four times before I felt an agonising stroke across my already sore bottom followed by 3 or 4 more then a rest ten another 3 or 4, I was whimpering and moaning and writhing but somehow remained in position. The pain was intense but somehow I was able to take it and even strangely was wanting to progress further


I was lying there and I was aware of Miss Kendal standing beside me with a really awesome looking cane which she told me was a Tohiti Cane, well it looked terrifying and I truly dreaded what it would feel like .  All too soon I felt 8 agonising strokes and the dreaded words


” Just 8 more ”


How I took these I have no idea, but I even asked for more after and Miss Kendal caned me 8 more times . I was I’m sure crying out with the pain, but felt strangely at peace and content by time she had finished caning me. My bottom was stinging and throbbing, so many sensations and thoughts were racing through me, I had the feeling that I had been taken to a special place !


I knew that I had been given a hard caning, but was in a good place. I knew that I had enjoyed the whole experience and hoped that Miss Kendal had too !


Miss Kendal gave me a lovely cuddle and we returned downstairs and had a nice chat over a coffee. I can safely say that I have never had an experience like this before and I hoped that she would say that I could visit her again, and to my great relief she did.


Miss Kendal is a beautiful lady who really enjoys what she does and I felt she wanted me to enjoy it all too. I look forward to my next visit to this delightful lady.