Testimonial by RL

by Jan 10, 2018Testimonials1 comment

I again found myself knocking at the door of Miss Kendals house recently, with some small degree of apprehension as I had not visited her for a few weeks. But I soon felt at my ease with the friendly welcome I received, which I find soon puts to rest any nerves about what is soon to happen.


After a short chat, we were once more upstairs and Miss Kendal set out several leather straps and an imposing paddle stating that she would be using some or all of them. I knew then that I had to get my mind into the right place to be able to take what was undoubtedly going to be a severe thrashing, little did I know what was to come !!


I was bent over the pommel horse and strapped, then a cane appeared and then another strap and a cane again. By this time I was really feeling the effects of all those strokes especially those low ones.


But now I was told to on the floor and Miss Kendal renewed her strapping and caning, with it seemed even more of those painful low strokes. She finished off with that dreaded heavy leather with a torrent of hard strokes which reduced me to an absolute wreck.


A while later after some cuddles we were again chatting downstairs and I was enjoying a cup of coffee before I went on my way home.


I am hugely grateful that Miss Kendal allows me to visit her and I really enjoy our times together and I know there will be many more visits to Staffordshire .


Thank you Miss Kendal.