Testimonial by R

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All I can say is a massive thank you for a brilliant spanking session, I am so relaxed still on a high and stress free at present.


You are a lovely beautiful and very intelligent lady. Scarily quiet and calm in role but in absolute control. The perfect disciplinarian. Your role play was sublime it’s a shame mine didn’t live up to your Oscar winning performance. You took a simple scenario and created perfection so much better than could imagine. Your facial expressions , stares  and heavy breathing added to the intensity causing me to tremble. Your direction to breathe also increased the enjoyment. Mind you it was hard not to laugh a couple of times when you in silence gave prolonged stares but that was my nerves and the stress of being stared at !! You just ooze of passion for spanking 😉


Many people advertise they can get inside and  control your mind, but you are the only person who has ever achieved it, even with having to focus on role play you still had control,  emptying my thoughts to absolute submission. Pure genius.


The spanking was great, being over the lap provides such a unique close bond and for a petite lady you can certainly spank hard. True to your word no marks and not even any colour left now! I loved the mix of soft spanking, interspersed with sensual strokes then some hard spanks building the sting then relaxing. It causes a brilliant yo yo on the emotions and yes it felt euphoric.


Spanking is all about sharing and when both parties enjoy it, it’s is an absolute bonus and you certainly enjoy what you do. The hug at then end also finishes the session and culminates the closeness of the fun perfectly as did you massaging the cream.


The best spanking experience ever (I really mean it).