Testimonial by Michael

by Nov 27, 2017Testimonials1 comment

As a sixty-year-old lover of school spanking scenarios, I have been dealt with by headmistresses good, bad and indifferent for more than thirty years, but few, if any, who combine Miss Kendal’s skill and charm.


I love scenarios which involve going straight into role, without preliminary chit-chat. But of course, when you are visiting a ‘headmistress’ for the first time, it is very hard for them to gauge your particular penchants, pain thresholds etc etc. So it can take a few sessions before you really get on each other’s wavelength. Well, Miss Kendal was the exception which proved the rule. We hit it off from the first swish of her cane.


I had loosely sketched out a scenario in advance, which involved me being a female member of school staff ringing in sick – NOT a good idea, as I had been seen out drinking with friends the night before!  Miss Kendal was conspicuously unsympathetic and summoned me to her home/study. Her voice on the phone was so icy that I spent a very nervous train journey to her home, fearing the worst.


On knocking, she received me in her headmistress’s outfit, academic gown and all, looking absurdly glamorous and youthful, and then proceeded to put the fear of God into me, speaking quietly and authoritatively. She promised me a good beating for lying to her and that is what I eventually got – 24 very expertly placed strokes of the cane. But it was the attention to detail – from the polite instruction to remove my trousers to the demand that I counter-sign the punishment book – which was so superb. She inhabited the role of an implacably stern headmistress as if born to it. And as we chatted afterwards, over a cup of coffee, what shone through was her genuine enthusiasm for her work. She is an absolute treasure and, for lovers of school punishment scenarios, one of the very best in the business. I could hardly recommend her highly enough.