Testimonial by MarQe

by Apr 24, 2018Testimonials0 comments

After visiting Miss Kendal, whom I address as Ma’am, for about a year I foolishly decided to end our sessions because I thought I could dictate how my punishments were administered. It did not take me very long to realise what a stupid error I had made!  I no longer had a true disciplinarian to visit, one who made me fear the punishment to come simply by the manner that She greets me at Her door. The uncompromising order to go upstairs, strip and be waiting in the corner, hands on head causes me to quickly realise there is no turning back!


So, I wrote an email apologising for my stupid mistake and begged to be taken back so that my errors might be properly corrected.  I was genuinely grateful when Ma’am said She would see me again on the understanding my slate be wiped clean with some serious punishment.  I accepted without a second thought.  A sound hair brushing from cold had me whimpering almost from the off and though I have never shed tears from a spanking I fear that Ma’am & Her hairbrush might hold the key !! By the time the hairbrush came to a conclusion I was kicking and crossing my legs like a naughty little boy. I was now to be caned with no counting just a long series of strokes completed to the satisfaction of Ma’am. A paddling from a thick hide paddle, buffalo was it? My mind was elsewhere by now and I am not sure what it was made from? The final stage was punctuated by time-out, hands on head standing in front of the vaulting horse whilst I waited for another good hairbrush spanking leg locked over Ma’am’s knee.


Ma’am gave me an exquisite hand spanking warm down, which I adored but hardly deserved.  I cannot wait to return, my slate is cleaner but not clean yet and my cold bottom has many more dates with Miss Kendal’s hairbrush !!