Testimonial by Lowly

by Jul 19, 2017Testimonials0 comments

I wanted to write a small piece about another amazing session I had with Miss Kendal last week. It had been about 3 months since I’d last seen Miss Kendal and I’d been really eager to get back to her playroom. I’ve always enjoyed longer sessions so had requested a 3 hour session and feeling that we have a really good rapport and communicate well during sessions so my only request was to push me hard, a request that was more than fulfilled.

After a friendly welcome and a quick chat and catch up about events in the past few months since we had last met came the invite to head upstairs and to wait. Soon Miss Kendal invited me into her room and instructed me to stand in the middle of the room and undress; we both quickly embraced our roles and began. I won’t go into every detail of our extended session as that should remain between us but I will say that I had commented that I was interested in exploring the feeling of being struck on other areas of the body than my bottom, suffice to say I more than sampled the feeling of a tawse on my inner thighs and across my hands before being tied up and having the soles of my feet caned. After this experience, I was allowed a reward of worshipping Miss Kendal’s boots.

To end of the session, I was instructed to bend over the spanking bench and restrained in place to make sure I couldn’t fidget anywhere. Five canes were placed in front of me so I could see what was in store for me as each one would be used starting with the smallest. There was no set number of strikes or any kind of count but all five were used repeatedly, as every new cane was chosen, Miss Kendal would look at me with a smile as it was picked up from in front of my and despite how much it hurt I felt encouraged to dig deep and accept my fate when I saw quite how much she had been enjoying my plight. After the fifth and largest cane had been used to its full effect multiple times and I was completely broken and exhausted, Miss Kendal told me I would have one more strike but I would have to ask for it, I think it took me about a minute to be able to gather the words to say in possibly the meekest tone of voice I’ve ever had “please Miss Kendal, please give me one more” which was dutifully administered.

After being released from my restraints, Miss Kendal administered the usual incredible standard of aftercare by being kind, friendly and caring with a cup of tea and a witty and engaging conversation. This was quite possibly one of the best days of my life and I cannot wait for the next time. Thank you Miss Kendal