Testimonial by Little Thimble

by May 10, 2021Testimonials

After a boring and dull 2020 I was eager to rediscover my submissive side.
Having met various Pro Domme’s in the past over the course of 10 years I have gained some experience serving both positive and negative.
Though meeting Miss Kendal was a totally different, unique and refreshing experience.
Having paid my deposit and followed the instructions to the letter, I arrived at Miss Kendal’s chambers in what seemed a very safe area.
Slightly nervous but very excited I waited for the door to open, was I slightly early? as I waited it seemed for what seemed hours (it was prob a minute)
The door opened and I was greeted by Miss Kendal.
The pictures do not do this beautiful Domme justice, a stunning looking lady dressed in exquisite vintage attire. I was then shown into Mistresses play area. The chambers were fantastic, stylish, vintage and spotless! I couldn’t help but stare at Mistresses stunning legs and heels in vintage style  Cuban heel seemed stockings and heels… heaven!
Miss Kendal listened to my experience as a submissive and enjoyed pushing my limits respectfully even further. I wont go into to many details as I would rather keep them private but I enjoyed everything about the session. I  was pleased that Miss Kendal remarked I had done well for our first time together and very proud.
I can not wait to visit Miss Kendal again to see where my submissive adventure goes next.

I would highly recommend this highly skilled Mistress.

Thank you Miss Kendal for everything.
Your submissive
ickle thimble