Testimonial by George

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Spanking for Stress Relief


People enjoy the wonderful world of Consensual Corporal Punishment for many reasons and i am no different, but one major plus i have discovered in my journey is how stress free i feel post session. My latest visit to Miss Kendal was long overdue and as i knocked on the door the familiar feelings of nervous excitement hit me. A warm welcome and cup of coffee over a friendly chat helped calm all those nerves and before long i found myself stood outside the schoolroom door awaiting my fate. Nerves returned as i was summoned to enter the room. Sat at the authentic wooden desk my first task for detention was writing a paragraph from a text book. Not the most arduous of tasks normally but under the watchful gaze of Miss Kendal it suddenly felt challenging. Naturally my work was not to the required standard and the wooden ruler soon stung my palms. Onto the next task copying a drawing of a leaf from a book. How hard can that be i wrongly imagined. Three attempts later and with both palms smarting i discovered I’m no artist. The full list of offences for which i was summoned to detention were all laid out in black and white on the blackboard. I was in serious trouble most notably for turning up late for a previous detention and failing to deliver a note home. To add to my punishment i had to collect the various implements from around the room. Plimsoll, Naughty stick, a long wooden ruler and the cane. 6 from each with two extras for swearing under my breath a slip i would live to regret. Once all strokes had been delivered i found myself standing patiently in front of the desk watching nervously as a hand written note was prepared for my return home.


Moving to the upstairs playroom i nervously paced the floor dreading having to hand over the note so recently written. As Miss Kendal  entered the room i briefly contemplated denying its existence but the stern look facing me i knew that was a bad choice. Disappointment was very much the reaction to my behaviour and i knew i was going to pay for it. Standing in the corner balancing a coin with my nose for 5 minutes is not a pleasant experience. Added to this a stinging slap across the face for cheek and i knew i had pushed my luck too far. The penalty for my earlier slip of the tongue was to hold a soapy flannel in my mouth. Unpleasant yes but doubly so when on the receiving end of a hard over the knee hand spanking. Soon i found myself over the pommel horse being walloped with a stiff leather paddle and belt. I lost track of how many strokes as Miss Kendal went to town on my already sore behind. Finally the words ” you will receive 6 with the wooden paddle then its done”. Even now there was a twist having to keep my eyes closed so i couldn’t anticipate the impact. A simple enough instruction but so powerful. Finally it was over with a wonderful embrace and after care before returning to a fun filled chat with a coffee.


Returning home i felt free of all the burdens of everyday life. The warm glow remains days later with some wonderful marks to admire and remind myself of the effective discipline so recently handed out. So thank you Miss Kendal for helping me on this journey of discovery.