Testimonial by Eyemblacksheep

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I’ve come in today knowing I’m going to leave hurt.  I know this.

There is no escape.  In theory, in most sessions, if you struggle in one activity it can be cut short and move onto something else – but, Miss Kendal only offers a small selection of Her favourite activities.

These are pretty much, CP, hard CP, very hard CP.


Of course, I trust Her. I know I’m in safe hands. It was 6 months ago I luckily had my name drawn out the hat in Her prize draw – I had done some homework before I entered and had much time to continue knowing this was a good call (although, hadn’t meant to leave it so long!) and I think I’ve become quite accepting to my fate.

But, it does help.  Our interactions in the build up and today now have me at ease and in a positive mindset.

Miss Kendal likes chats either side of the session and that really is helpful.

It’s also a good experience, because I like meeting people.  Especially good people.

I want everyone involved to have fun, so it’s good to meet people you want to have fun with.

Aside from CP, She does specialise in Role Play, Discipline – and yes, I can see that.  I can see that in Her eyes as She gifts me a cold, hard, stare.  I know tougher men than me have trembled… I was certainly nervous!

But, the focus today – play.  She is going to beat the Hell out of me for the time – and if I am good, She will reward me.

It’s my first time doing something in a domestic setting.  It breeds an extra layer onto things.  Miss Kendal Herself, She is very stylish but casual.

It carried a different air to the experience.

I’d almost say, the lack of whips and chains and fantasy items makes it a stern reality.

There’s no new world behind the door.  It is right here, right where W/we stand (or kneel, or bend over, you get the idea…)

A thought crossed my mind, when bent helpless over Her knee, not the thought of just how long it had been since I’d been over a knee, but… a trope in BDSM is that “the last stroke is the hardest”.

I don’t think it is.  I think it’s the first one.  The last one, you are prepared for, you know it’s going to be harder, you know it’s going to hurt, but you’re already warmed up.  You also know there’s no more to come.

Nope, the first strike with a paddle, first lash with a cane, or, in this case, the first spank with a hand – that’s the hardest because you’ve no immediate experience of the level.

It strikes.  OK, that’s not so bad – then of course, it gets harder and faster.

There’s then the uncertainty.

There’s no number.

No time limit.

How fast can it go? How hard can it go?

And there’s a beauty in it.

Although I can’t see all the implements used, I do very much appreciate I’m told what each will be before I’m struck.

Sometimes there can be a fun in not knowing, but, sometimes there can be a menance in knowing.

I know a wooden spoon stings

And, while I won’t even pretend to be a caning expert – I know what some terms mean… I know Y/you start talking to me about Dragon Canes and I know…

As a side note, there’s a step here in how far I’ve come because it was a day shy of a year since someone last took a Dragon Cane to me and that wasn’t a positive experience. (Play overall was, but not that bit) But this time, I have a focus and determination to get through it.

There is something about CP which is just quite arty and it needs a good artist to get the most out of it.

In my opinion, that CP is something Miss Kendal is passionate about, something Her sessions are centred around, does breathe a lot of the art from it.

There’s one final paddling before I can claim my reward.  12 big, thick, heavy paddles… before a reward visit to feet heaven.

Whilst I was initially nervous, the mixture of dancing on the fringes of subspace with a beautiful pair of feet in my face and at my lips created a bliss at the end of a tough session.

At one point Miss Kendal jokes the session could be called “Tawse for Toes” – subtle and to the point haha.

But, in seriousness – the whole afternoon was really enjoyable.

It was worth the lengthily journey each way.

For mild comedy… I do have to leave Her premises on a Rail Replacement Bus, which is late, and trying to make up time, so over an hour on a rusty old bus driving fast and bumpy… not good for the bum.

But funny.

And I like that.

The spirit was fairly lighthearted and that’s not to say bits weren’t serious or scary or intimidating – but the mood made it an extremely enjoyable afternoon out.  Definitely worth the journey.