Testimonial by Ernest

by May 11, 2017Testimonials

This week Miss Kendal had a visit from a schoolboy whose step-mother was annoyed at her lazy son’s lack of progress and wanted her to teach him a lesson.

Since I first discovered Miss Kendal on the web, I had been eager to visit her, and I was not disappointed.


Almost before I knew where I was, I was standing in the corner of the schoolroom nervously awaiting my fate.

It was not long before I was over Miss Kendal’s knee, my trousers and pants down.  She spanked me hard and long, but of course there was more to come.


She led me upstairs – a vision of authority and beauty as she climbed the stairs – to her other punishment room.  There I was bent across the vaulting box for some serious punishment.

I had asked for the bath-brush or the hair-brush, as I had read that she was very expert in these, and they were implements I had never actually received before.  She gave me the choice of two as I lay with my bottom exposed vulnerably, and I chose the one for width of area, despite it having also a long handle to give it a wicked swing!  She spanked on relentlessly with it, and I soon knew why this implement has its own reputation, even though it may look innocent!


Miss Kendal has a very well-placed mirror, and I had an excellent view of this naughty boy’s come-uppance at the same time as feeling the sensations!

The cane was not left out either, and she gave me a very sound thrashing with it – and Miss Kendal did not stop at six!

Finally, she took my own belt, which I had taken off on her instructions, and whipped me long and hard with it.  On this last part of the punishment she kept up the most amazing accuracy, despite it being a difficult implement to use, especially so fast and so hard.


I would like to be able to tell you that this naughty boy was stoical throughout and made no sound – but alas, it would not be true – there were plenty of cries and whimpers!  Yet I had had such a good time that I did not want it to end – I kept up at least some flashes of rebellion right to the last – even sticking out my tongue at her while still lying vulnerably across the vaulting box!

Afterwards we had a delightful and unhurried chat – I told her things about my past which I have told to very few people before, and certainly to none on first meeting.


While there are other ladies out there who are fun to play with, I think you would have to go a long way to meet a parallel with Miss Kendal; for a combination of sensitivity to what will excite her ‘victim’, of skill with her implements, of a wisdom beyond her years shown in the conversation afterwards, and of the fresh beauty of the girl next door!  And above all, of being someone who so clearly enjoys what she does, which is perhaps the most important thing of all!