Testimonial by Ernest

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How true it is that our activities in this world are limited only by our imaginations! 

This week that naughty boy Ernest had got himself into a yet more unusual scrape. Miss Kendal had found him spanking a group of girls who – he said – had asked him to satisfy their curiosity about what happened in the boys’ punishment sessions. Of course, he claimed that it had been their idea, but Miss Kendal held him chiefly responsible.  After a week of lines (“Corporal punishment is for naughty boys, not for delicately-brought-up young ladies”), they were invited to attend Miss Kendal’s study, and witness for themselves how the boys’ punishments were carried out. And if the five eager pairs of eyes were imaginary and their comments – ranging from sympathetic to gloating – were supplied by me or by Miss Kendal – well, they were very real to us!

The girls witnessed a cocky and defiant rebel reduced by stages to a tearful and humiliated wretch. First Ernest got a hand-spanking, then one with a ruler. After that it got more serious and he was bent over Miss Kendal’s desk for a dozen with each of two plimsolls – a heavy one and flexible one. After a period standing in the corner for the girls to pass comments (“Oh Miss, you whack him much harder than my mum does my brother!” “Isn’t he red!” “Do you think you’ll make him cry?”), Miss Kendal led the way upstairs, to her room where the most serious punishments take place. The five imaginary girls kept an eye on Ernest while  Miss Kendal was out of the room (“Oh Miss! While you were gone, he left the corner to look at his bottom in the mirror!”), and then it was time for his caning.

That naughty boy was thrashed with a succession of canes till he was unbelievably sore and repentant. Some were thin and swishy, some were thick and thuddy, but they all hurt! Even after that he had to be given a final dozen with Miss Kendal’s heavy tawse! The photograph shows what it was like – I was keen to have a photo taken, it would have been a pity to waste so much suffering without keeping a record!

My feelings and reactions were something I have never had before in more than ten years of adult spanking. I have always said that a hard whacking may make me gasp and yelp, it may even make me cry out loudly, but that it had never made me lose control and weep. Yet without any need to act, my reactions on this occasion were teetering on the edge of loss of control – Miss Kendal had actually taken me to a new place emotionally. 

It could not go on for ever. Miss Kendal is an expert at knowing when an inner attitude of “However  much it hurts, I want to just keep on doing this more and more” eventually changes to a final “Well this has been great, and I don’t exactly want it to stop, but all good things have to come to an end”. Even the most incorrigible boys are at last sufficiently punished  – even if their reformation will last only for a few weeks!

As always, we had a recovery time filled with the most amazing conversations, ranging widely over some very personal bits of history. Thank you so much, Miss Kendal, for a wonderful experience!