My Return to Professional Domination

by Jun 2, 2021Miss Kendal's Blog, Real Time Session News0 comments

It has been utterly joyous to return to the world of Professional Domination, and to step back into the individual and rather elegant shoes of Miss Katherine Kendal. I am truly thrilled at the response and warm welcome I have received – thank you. Having had a remarkably busy month, and looking forward to another, I will be making some slight amendments to my services from early summer.

My preference has always been to develop lasting and meaningful relationships as a Professional Dominant. In fact, one of my collared subs was the first gent I met with for a professional session; and both in my stable have been serving me consistently for almost 5 years. It is in these relationships I find true joy as a Dominant. It is precisely this kind of relationship I desire for my future.

My personal enjoyment of both CP & BDSM has evolved over the past years, into a fierce yearning for control and discipline. Taking a submissive on a journey with me and training them to my standards is where I find my true calling as a Dominant; exploring the depths of their fantasies and darker corner of their minds over time, as we share the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.

I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can be incredibly selective about the people I chose to see and those I give my time to. I have always had a rather meticulous nature in that regard and my standards are now higher than ever. Having ‘treaded the boards’ for nigh on five years in the professional side of the scene, I feel my reputation brings with it an assurance of quality. It is the same level of quality I seek in my Ds & Disciplinary relationships.

I have received many initial applications from prospective long term submissives (both for real time and online connections), who are hoping to find solace in a genuine relationship with a creative sadist & strict Disciplinarian. This pleases me greatly and inspires me to focus my efforts on these kinds of connections moving forward.

To that end, I will be drastically limiting the number of singular sessions I accept, along with making some minor changes to my application processes on this website. Naturally, I understand that for many of you, long term submission may not be possible or – indeed – your goal. My inbox will remain open to applications from those of you seeking a singular session with me, and scheduled dates will be made available each month for these bespoke experiences. Outside of these scheduled dates, my efforts will be focused on my regular relationships and sharing aspects of my lifestyle through my online platforms.

As the amendments are made, I will gradually update my website to reflect my booking processes. In the meantime, please continue to follow the guidelines herein.

Miss Kendal