If A Simple Spanking Won’t Work

by Oct 30, 2021Miss Kendal's Clips0 comments

When a simple hand spanking will not suffice…

How many times do I have to spank you to get you to help around the house? 

 My husband is proving to be utterly useless, and the usual methods of dealing with this insubordination just aren’t having the same effect any more. On the advice of a dear friend, I purchased a cane. This ought to put a fire underneath him; quite literally! 

Dressed in a stunning floral, tight dress and white stilettos, I sit my husband down for a little chat about his behaviour before explaining what action I intend to take. 

Ordering him to fetch a wooden chair, I have him take down his trousers and bend over the back of of the chair to brace himself. A good, swift thrashing ensues. Each cane stroke more vicious than the last as my frustration with him intensifies. 

miss kendal caning clip