Last weekend, I spent an afternoon filming with Girl Next Door Productions. It was the third time I have made the journey down to the infamous Bellington Academy, where Miss Elsa Svenson resides as Headmistress. We have previously captured some successful clips together, and the most recent content could be the best yet!

I return to Bellington Academy to cover a Maths revision class. When I find two cheeky madams out of bounds and up to no good, they are both put through their paces. But will they learn their lesson, or will they find themselves in serious trouble with me?

As ever with Girl Next Door Productions, the filming day was a lot of fun. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere, created by Miss Svenson, encourages everyone to enjoy a lighthearted approach to the scenes.

The hard work has already started long before the models arrive for the shoot. Miss Svenson had a fantastic idea for what she wanted to achieve, and had already made preparations to ensure the best outcome. The scene was loosely set and we all chatted over coffee before readying ourselves for action.

The shoot itself was smooth and filled with laughter in between scenes. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside the other models too. The level of professionalism during the shoots is incredibly high. It’s so obvious that all involved truly enjoy what they do for a living, and I feel that comes out on screen as well.

I met Miss Svenson almost a year ago after she contacted me about appearing in some of her films. Her work really appealed to me and despite not being able to make the journey to Kent particularly often, we have made more than 15 films together in the last 12 months.

You can follow my Bellington Academy journey through Miss Svenson’s excellent spanking clip website, And don’t forget to check to see the F/m clips we made too.

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