“I am revived and recharged and so gloriously grateful for the gift I have just received.”


My time is precious and reserved for those who understand & respect polite Ds etiquette on an ongoing and free flowing basis. The first impression you make will be a lasting one; make it count. 

Please address me at all times by my chosen honorific and titles: Miss, Ma’am, Mistress or Madam. Use of my first name is reserved for my Dominant peers. 

Adopt a formal & professional writing style in all communications with me. I intensely dislike the use of ‘text speech’, lazy grammar and informally written emails. 

Familiarise yourself fully with my personal preferences and style prior to making your initial approach. 

Communicate in a careful & considered way at all times. A great deal of respect & submission can be shown through your chosen writing style. 

Ensure that you respect the professional nature of my work & business. Attempts to negotiate discounts or to appeal for charitable ‘sympathy’ regarding your financial status are entirely unwelcome and in exceptionally poor taste. 

Familiarise yourself with BDSM and / or Discipline terminology and styles. Take responsibility for a degree of your own research and insight into your kinks. 

Make no attempts to monopolise my time for your personal enjoyment or gain. Understand that I indulge and interact with my submissives at will; my own. 

Above all, respect the nature of your position to me. Demonstrate your ability to do as you as told and to be an enjoyable person to dominate or discipline.

miss kendal strict mistress midlands
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