Erection Eradication Regime

by Nov 21, 2021Miss Kendal's Clips0 comments

You look the sort that would suit a life of suffering and misery…

We need to put an end to your ill-advised masturbatory habits. 

 That disgusting little thing between your legs insults my very senses. How frequently you seem to grow erect and how easily you are distracted by temptations in porn. Well, not any longer. 

Your time of freely masturbating and allowing yourself to become erect is over. I am taking control of your natural desires in order to train the perversions out of your filthy mind. You will begin a new regime with me today. Strict, sadistic and completely without mercy. 

Kept naked, caged and desensitised to porn; you will learn your penis no longer belongs to you. 

You have no one but yourself to blame for your harsh life of chastity and corporal punishment. 

male chastity regime