Do you accept personal slaves?

At this time, no. I have two collared submissives in my service; both of which began their journey as professional clients. This is the only way to grant an audience with me if you are a submissive male.

Can I offer you my skills in ‘x’?

On very rare occasions, I will permit a submissive to be of service to me in other areas of my life. Naturally, my standards are exceptionally high and I only allow incredibly skilled and genuine subs to do work for me. If you possess expert skills in any of the following areas, and would benefit from being in a position of servitude, please feel free to email me detailing your proposal: social media management, video editing, photography, small business marketing, skilled trades (electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc), gardener, accountant. Please note that, if you contact me under the guise of servitude, I will not be expecting to part with money for your services. I have a number of professionals I utilise.

Will you talk with me one on one?

At present, the only way to be granted my attention is to email and request it via a session booking, either online or in person. Please be patient when awaiting a response; I have a busy schedule.

Where can I find more out about you?

My website is the best place to follow my updates and keep abreast of my latest news. My Twitter profile is also a wonderful place to see my work in more depth. To see a deeper insight to my work and sessions, subscribe to one of my online platforms.

When are you available?

Generally I am available to session at my leisure, though I rarely permit visitors on a Sunday unless we have exhausted other possibilities. In your session application, please suggest a date & time that suits your schedule (allowing a minimum of 48 hours notice) and I will advise if I am able to accommodate your request.

What are your session fees?

My fees can vary very slightly depending on the length of session and the nature of the fetishes involved. Please provide enough detail initially and I will advise the costs and deposits involved at the in my response.

Is your session premises private and / or discreet?

My privately owned, domestic premises offers high discretion for the discerning visitor. I value my privacy as much as that of my clientele.

Do you travel and / or tour for sessions?

Occasionally, dependent on the current climate and my personal interest in a location. Any details of tours and sessions outside of the Midlands will be well publicised in advance. It is advisable to follow my blog if this is of interest.

Do you have any age limit?

Generally, no. Though you must be above 18 to session with me. Provided you are of reasonably good health, and are capable of communicating any requirements to me in advance, there is no upper age limit for the clients I see.

Can my session be filmed?

I do offer filming of sessions, either for your private collection or for resale through my clip stores. Please feel free to enquire via email. Additional fees are applicable if the video is to be private.

Can I film with you for free if you can hit me really hard?

No. Please don’t be ridiculous; I can hit a lot of people very hard for free. Fees are applicable to all of my filming shoots for subs, spankees and slaves to cover my set up costs and the sheer level of work I put into a shoot. A filming day with me is an experience in itself, and a very reasonably priced one.

I would love to shoot with you but am nervous. Any tips?

If you are a model, please feel free to email me and we can arrange an informal chat or video call to get to know one another before a shoot. If you are a client or filming sub, you may book a session or video consultation with me prior to applying. My aim is to ensure everyone I shoot with has a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

I am a model but have no prior experience. Can I apply to shoot?

I assess all genuine applications from female models looking to shoot with me. There is no requirement for any previous experience; I can guide you through a very relaxed first shoot.

I am a model. Can you help me with travel arrangements?

If you let me know your requirements and where you are travelling from, I can help you to find the best route or suggest local public transport links. For local models, I am happy to assist with lifts and hold a full, clean UK driving license.

What can I expect from a shoot?

Most of my shoots are between 2-3 hours in duration, with plenty of time for breaks and refreshments. My studio offers a relaxation area to chat informally before we begin. All details of the shoot are confirmed and any last minute adjustments made to the schedule. All content shot is kept in house by me (unless we have agreed a professional content share basis). You are welcome to request copies of the clips you have appeared in. For filming subs, this will incur a fee to cover my editing time. For models, I would request an NDA (non-disclosure) agreement to assure me you will not release the material publicly for any reason.