Spanking, Domestic Discipline & Corporal Punishment Sessions


As an established and effective Disciplinarian, I provide bespoke Spanking & CP sessions to those requiring singular and regular discipline.

Each of my sessions are individually tailored to your needs, your interests and your levels of play. The headings below are written with the intention to invoke thoughtful creativity rather than offer set session ‘types’. Feel free to discuss your specifics with me via email.


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Punishment Sessions

Is your need to feel punished paramount to a particular scene or an on-going relationship? Many people feel that a spanking does not really begin until it hurts, either psychologically or physically. Conducted safely, these experiences can be intense, thought provoking and refreshing.

Reasons for punishments can vary drastically. These can be anything from a fabricated school report to a real-life issue you may wish to explore. Punishment sessions may include (though are not limited to):

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Spanking For Fun

Do you consider spanking or CP to be an enjoyable experience? Would you rather be spanked without fear of intense domination or humiliation? If this is the case, you may prefer to play in a light-hearted fashion and explore your interests without the level of intensity a punishment scenario might entail.

In short, it can be difficult for some people to view spanking or CP as a punishment because they enjoy it too much!

Contact me to arrange a light-hearted exploration of CP, including (but not limited to):

  • Spanking games
  • Caning & Corporal Punishment games
  • Introduction to New Implements
  • Fun Role Play
  • Exploration of Techniques and Methods
  • Adult School Sessions 
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Cathartic Sessions

Is your connection to spanking or CP more of an emotional force? For many people, it is not about pushing limits, being punished or receiving swiftly delivered pain. Instead, many people finding spanking and CP to be comparable to a hypnotic state. It can be a way of inducing relaxation and mindfulness through the application of gently-paced strokes.

Though it may not be scientifically proven, many feel spanking and CP offers the therapeutic qualities akin to a deep massage or hot bath with essential oils.

Contact me to explore a relaxing session, including (but not limited to):

  • Breathing & Physical Relaxation Techniques
  • Sensory Deprivement or Enhancement
  • Exploration of Techniques and Methods
  • Spanking & Caning Therapy 
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Non Impact Discipline

Discipline can be administered in various forms. It is not simply the physical impact which categorises discipline, as some methods employ non-physical activity in favour of more humiliation-based techniques. Some people may be unable to engage in impact play for different reasons, either permanently or on a one-off occasion. In such circumstances, non-impact play can be utilised.

The following disciplinary tools can also be used alongside impact play to enhance the experience:

  • Scolding & Verbal Admonishment
  • Subtle Humiliation
  • Confessionals
  • Mouth Soaping
  • Corner Time
  • Line & Essay Writing
  • Detention