Auntie Corrects Your Carelessness

by Oct 29, 2021Miss Kendal's Clips0 comments

Auntie Katherine will not tolerate naughty behaviour…

Just where do you think you’ve been, young man?

Sneaking back into your Step-Aunt’s house when we’re you’re not supposed to won’t earn you any favours. Your appalling attitude needs immediate correction, and I am in no mood for your whining.

Accepting no excuses, I firmly scold my step-nephew for his selfish and thoughtless behaviour before pulling down his jeans & underpants and dragging him across my bare knee to be punished. I remove my slipper to beat him, but after the spanking begins, I’m not satisfied it will hit hard enough to drill the message home.

Harsher measures are required. I send the naughty boy to fetch my chair – a tall back, wooden chair that is reserved especially for punishing disgraceful behaviour. With it he is told to bring my hair brush. He knows only too well that that solid, ebony brush will soon be across his backside.

A vicious and immediate spanking is administered. I continue to scold him throughout and remind him precisely who’s fault it is that he is in receipt of such a harsh spanking.

miss kendal spanking a man