Attitude Adjustment

by Nov 4, 2021Miss Kendal's Clips0 comments

My most vicious spanking clip to date!

A bad attitude and a foul mouth in this house will land you in a whole world of trouble.

Dragged upstairs by the ear and pulled across my stockinged knee, this boy is about to receive a short, sharp shock to the backside. Disgusted by his vile behaviour, I spank him across his boxer shorts but this fails to satisfy me. Roughly pulling down his underwear to reveal his already pinked bare bottom, I continue with the hard hand spanking until his backside becomes a glowing red.

Not content with the spanking alone, I remind him constantly just how much he has let me down, scolding him like a boy. As he wriggles to break free of the intense pain on his bottom, I wrap my nylon clad leg around him to secure him in place.

Already red raw from the intense spanking, he wishes it was over but I have another thing in mind. I want to humiliate him along with the punishment, to be sure this is a lesson he never forgets. Taking off his shoes and socks, I pull his trousers and boxers off and lie him in an embarrassing position to continue the punishment spanking. Utterly humiliated, the stretched skin on his upper thighs is subjected to another harsh round of spanks.

Finally, I roll the naughty boy onto his front before straddling him with my full weight. Holding him in place, he wriggles and cries out under the final downpour of stingy, painful spanking across his burning bottom.

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