“Your initial application is a vital source of connection & information. Take your time & be honest.”


Whether you apply to visit me for a singular session or a regular relationship, I pride myself on providing exceptional quality experiences in elite surroundings. Your applications are held in the strictest confidence, and all suitable & complete applications will receive a response. 

I offer two alternative approaches to the application process, depending on your preferences. Please browse the options below in full and apply using the form on my Contact Page.


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Regular Relationships

My personal preference is to establish & develop regular connections with those who visit me in person and interact with me online. I welcome applications from those seeking the same.

My strict application process is crafted to ensure only the finest connections & the most fitting matches for regular play. Upon receipt of a suitable application, you will be invited to attend an initial assessment with me via private telephone or video consultation.

Consultations last between 45 – 60 minutes and are of a formal nature. No play is offered during this time. This allows us freedom to converse as equals and negotiate the terms of our potential relationship, along with posing queries and establishing a rapport.

Upon confirmation of your consultation, you will receive a complimentary video with guidance & advice on planning for your assessment to ensure the best possible outcome.

To be considered for a regular connection with me, please ensure you have read my website in full and completed the application form on my Contact Page with sufficient detail. Fees on application. 

Those wishing to experience a session prior to making their decision may apply for a singular session, using the information opposite.



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Singular Sessions

For those seeking singular session experiences, I now offer appointments on select dates throughout the month to explore and indulge in your fantasies with me. 

Offered on a strict first come, first served basis, my bespoke sessions offer you the opportunity to experience being topped or dominated by me on a singular occasion. A highly suitable option for those passing through, too far to visit me regularly or for those wishing to add an experience with me to their record of achievement. 

My Calendar is regularly updated with singular session dates & availability. Outside of these specified dates, these sessions are subject to a higher fee . 

To be considered for a singular session with me, please ensure you have read my website in full and completed the application form on my Contact Page with sufficient detail. 

Please note, if we have met previously, you may contact me via email or Whatsapp messenger to schedule appointments on these dates. An application form is only required for your initial communication.