After School Spanking

by Nov 18, 2021Miss Kendal's Clips0 comments

That bottom is going to feel my brush…

Things are going to be infinitely worse when you get home.

Sent home from school with a note for bad behaviour, it is safe to say my naughty step-nephew is in deep trouble. A harsh scolding greets the misbehaving school boy as he arrives home; I give him a strict talking to before sending him up the stairs for corner time to await his punishment. He knows very well not to disappoint his Step-Aunt, yet he simply cannot help getting into bother at school.

My footsteps looming up the stairs means only one thing; a long hard spanking is fast approaching.

Deciding on a selection of four, strict and harsh hairbrushes, I take my naughty step-nephew over my knee. After a few spanks across his boxer shorts, it is time for his boxers shorts to come down and the real discipline to begin on his bare bottom.

Each and every brush is applied to his backside, as he becomes increasingly sore and sorry for his behaviour. That simply isn’t enough. He knows I’m not though with him until I’m satisfied he has learned a lesson. A powerful crescendo comes cascading down on his cheeks. He certainly won’t be forgetting that punishment in a hurry.

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