About My Attendees

“Miss Kendal is fiercely intelligent and frighteningly perceptive. It often feels like she is inside my head.”


Renowned for my refined and elegant style of Female Domination & Discipline, I reserve my time for those who inspire my sadistic and inquisitive character. Submissive types who are fortunate enough to be granted my attention in session are expected to adhere to particularly high standards themselves.

To ensure we are a fine match for such an exemplary experience, and to appease my selective  and individualistic nature, I have comprised a list of requirements that I ask of every submissive type who wishes to session with me. Though not ultimate, my decision on any session is final, and if you fall drastically without these requirements, we are unlikely to be a suitable match.


Essential Requirements 

  • Polite and respectful
  • Punctual
  • Communicative and honest
  • Well presented with excellent personal hygiene
  • Possessing of healthy personal boundaries
  • Specifically interested in my style of session and play
  • Giving of enthusiastic and informed consent  
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