“Submission is a constant journey into the unknown. Choose carefully she who will become your guide.”


Commanding and controlling; I am a truly singular Female Dominant. My intuitive nature and individual style have formed the basis of my extensive experience in the wonderful world of Femdom.

Power exchange has thrilled me from an early age. Asserting my dominance over the willingly submissive excites my creativity and inspires my sadistic tendencies. BDSM is inherently cerebral, an exploration of the mind and its darker corners. It is in these dark corners I will take precedence and reign over your fantasies, bringing them vividly to life as we delve together deeper into ourselves.

As a ruthlessly strict yet caring Mistress, I hold high expectations of those in service to me – in whatever capacity – and I ensure that, under my guidance and control, they will achieve and maintain these standards. Indeed, training forms much of the basis of my long term D/s relationships.

Creatively sadistic, no two experiences with me are the same. Whether I tower above you with elegant refinement, or command your attention with a stern glance, or playfully lure you into sweet submission, I will have you under my control from the first moment. The bravest of souls have crumbled in my presence.

I welcome those of a submissive and subservient disposition to apply to explore your personal ‘philias in a private, intimate exchange with me.



And though she be but little, she is fierce.

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