“There are far worse things a Disciplinarian can do than grant you the relief you need by spanking you.”


Ascending to newfound fame within the spanking scene in the late summer of 2016, much of my early career success was formed around my fearsome reputation as a stern Disciplinarian. Naturally, my innate capability to reduce my visitors to tears with a mere glance has only grown with experience and refinement. A trip to my private study will leave you speechless and sore.

Over the course of my fifteen-year engagement with Corporal Punishment & Domestic Discipline, I have truly honed my skills as one of the country’s leading Disciplinarians. Indeed, my extensive experience has ultimately led me to develop a distinctive style; dominance interwoven with care; ferocity tempered by steely control; uncompromising discipline combined with real understanding.

Established as a specialist in domesticated play, I am able to switch naturally between the caring, maternal figure who only wishes to guide you along the right path, to the brutally strict Governess or prison guard who cares nothing for your pleas of mercy. Along with fierce accuracy and a natural intuition, my role-playing skills are renowned for their realism and intensity.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I believe our mutual enjoyment of the time we spend together is what makes sessions with me unforgettable; they are a real and shared endeavour – a journey that we make together. It is my aim to create very real, deeply cerebral experiences for both parties. Many of my sessions can be intensely atmospheric, emotional and full of tears and trepidations. However, I also enjoy a light-hearted approach in some circumstances and conduct therapeutic sessions for those who benefit from this approach.

Assured of a warm welcome – and an even warmer parting – I invite you to join me in my private study for an experience that will truly never leave you.


And though she be but little, she is fierce.


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